Combining the undeniable softness and comfort of pure cotton, Azzaria brings to you “Resignee Range” of cotton bras.The first thing you will notice about this range is the lavish soft cotton fabrication. It has a lovely skin like feel to it which is trendy and comfortable.

Resignee Collection of Bras by Azzaria are made by concluding the finest quality of cotton into a single bra made for women to empower women with lingerie that’s both sexy and comfortable as well as to feel more like themselves. The finest Turkish cotton is originated from Egypt and is mixed with proper ingredients to nurture their color according to the requirements of women all over the world.

Every woman who wanted a pretty bra designed with cozy and skin-friendly material  could get one in the appropriate size that fits well and feels good with this new range of Resignee Bras by Azzaria.

A must-have for your wardrobe. Get them right away.

Available at ,

Price Range: Rs 499 Onwards


Azzaria is a Turkish word, which pertains to the meaning of freedom, and what could be a better way to promote freedom than to promote it by wearing top notch lingerie designed for women who are here to make changes in the world. Women are an important part of the society, for whom, Azzaria aims at providing the best lingerie. The brand name Azzaria also represents the same purpose. Our vision is to provide the best quality of lingerie for women as a symbol of empowerment and to allow women to utilize the best quality of undergarments for themselves, promoting a healthy image of self-care and self-awareness, which are important components of a woman’s life. The design team of Azzaria situated in London is motivated to innovate the conventional women Lingerie design with a unique set of bras available for women as well as the elegant and graceful yet vibrant colors. We source the best cottons directly from Egypt and then post selection and designing they undergo a rigorous manufacturing procedure in our tailoring units at Delhi. 

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