Azzaria Launches Classic range of Lingerie

Azzaria is a lingerie brand that promotes the freedom of women and believes the importance of femininity in the current society and delivers the message of importance and self-confidence for women. Women are an important factor in society and play a significant role in maintaining balance in the world. While dealing with women’s empowerment, Azzaria is a developing brand for women lingerie and promoting the message of importance and self-confidence for women. Women face various problems and hurdles in their daily life, for which, it is important for women to be well-prepared for the hurdles by believing in themselves and promoting a healthier body image by a proper selection of lingerie. Women are considered to play a rather vital role in human progress and development. This brand understands the needs of women when it comes to undergarments, ranging in a wide variety of products, each product serves a sole purpose; comfort and glamour. Azzaria is a brand that understands your requirements and delivers according to your needs.

Azzaria has introduced the concept of “Free Flow Technology” Tired by the confusing cup sizes of so many lingerie brands, troubled by the shackles of each boundation associated with the same, Azzaria has the perfect solution for you. Basing all bras on the B Cup size, but inducing the fabric with comfortable adjusting fabrics, we are able to provide a unique profile to each one of our bras, which can then easily fit all breast shapes, no matter what the underlying figurine. This is the first time such a concept is being introduced to the Indian market, highest standards of quality being combined with technological superiority, which will also enable the brand to meet all market demands despite the mandatory heavy cut-downs in manufacturing operations in the advent of the COVID-19 crisis.

By inducing a lingerie brand, Azzaria aims to provide women with self-confidence and are empowering women all over the world with unique and innovative designs adopted by our company. The designers of this brand are situated in London, which is considered as the Hub of Fashion. However, the overall design of our company is aimed at providing every woman with lingerie of high class which would initiate a trend of bewildering beauty and ravishing design. While situated in London, the designers can grasp the leading ideas and fashion trends and can initiate them in the brand. The raw materials provided for the brand are delivered from the finest countries in the world which provide one of the best raw materials in the global market. Azzaria determines the clothes for their products from the finest cotton to Lycra, from Turkey and Egypt. Azzaria has some of the top designers and they all are capable of delivering top quality products from their end. The designers working in Azzaria are mostly aimed at delivering such a product which has not yet been initiated in the market. Their unique design and the experienced designers of Azzaria are capable of improvising according to the changing trend and are also able to innovate these changes as well as adapt to it. The innovative ideas determined by Azzaria is aimed at being the most unique brand products in the market. Most of the innovative ideas determined by the product design are that they come with a detachable strap, which can be altered according to the changing comfort and mood.To promise comfort and excellence, the product is run through various quality checking methodologies and a lot of rechecking abilities are exercised by the brand that determines the quality, design, shape, and guarantee of the products being delivered.

Speaking of the Launch Founder Aariz Nizam Ansari says “Our goal is to penetrate the lingerie market with the unique and elegant designs of the women undergarment available at Azzaria. The Brand tends to diversify the market with its exponential ideas and trend-setting design. Azzaria is of the view to keep women happy with their Lingerie shopping and also to provide maximum comfort to these women while delivering an excellent choice of ravishing colors.”

So, Treat Yourself to the new launched collection by Azzaria

Available at ,

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